Study Time

The Ultimate Study Playlist

Now if you’re like me you need music to study.  I have the hardest time studying when it is pin-drop quiet, and Spotify is my musical drug.  I listen to Spotify about 85% of the time I’m awake and I splurge the $10 a month for premium access so I can download and make my own playlists.  So if you are a music/study junkie I have created the Ultimate Study Playlist (approximately 2 hours, then by the time it’s over it’s a good time for a break) to give you something to listen that isn’t all classical.   Also  without being distracted by some random outburst of Britney Spears- even though we all love Britney, but there’s a time and a place.

The Ultimate Study Playlist

  • Sense of Home– Harrison Stormimage1
  • Fire Tree- Keeno
  • Green Rush- Karl Hungus
  • Landed on Mars- Atlas Bound
  • Lies-Audiobot, Bamiyah
  • Vienna- Billy Joel
  • My My,  Hey Hey- Neil Young
  • Ruby- Hello Apollo
  • Waiting on a Miracle- Front Porch Lights
  • Kill ‘Em with the Kindness- Front Porch Lights
  • It’s Just Rain- Ray Flanagan & the Authorities
  • Take Three- Jerry Folk
  • Aquarium-Nosaj Thing
  • Journey-LRKR
  • The Bulldog- Lil Skate
  • True To Myself-Ziggy Marley
  • Bad Fish- Sublime
  • Bang Bang-Dispatch
  • Azul- Mahmundi
  • Lost In The Light- Bahamas
  • When the Day Comes- Eric Krasno
  • Till You’re Loved- Mr. Probz
  • Afterglow-Attom, Ciele
  • I Was Made for Loving You- Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran
  • Say You Love Me- Jessie Ware
  • Wasn’t Expecting That- Jamie Lawson
  • Me Again- J Mascis
  • Good To You-Jonny P
  • Lost- Liza Anne
  • Cocktails- Limes

Well there it is, my go to study playlist.  It is on Spotify titled “The Ultimate Study Playlist” so feel free to give it a listen!  Happy studying!!


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