Summer Change

So I haven’t written in quite some time.  My life took a pretty crazy turn and I was overwhelmed and honestly forgot to come here to manage my days, weeks, and months. Although writing and planing things to write about take time, it seems counter active that doing so would actually put peace into my busy schedule.  Sometimes, despite being stressed/busy, its nice to have a routine.  Routine makes us feel normal and being normal is what we want right??  This post will be less about being “busystudentlive” and more about the thought I have while being this busy person.

When I tell people “I can’t, I’m busy”, it’s not just a casual line to get out of plans I don’t want to commit to.  To me being busy is pretty much a part of my personality now and I don’t realize how much until I interact and try to make plans with new people.  Between going to school nine credit hours this summer, working a full time job, and working 15ish hours at a part time job each week time is limited.  On top of that I try to go to the gym and take care of myself and I also have a dog who needs some of my time and attention.  I have always been a busy person though.  Before I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago I work at a farm 70 hours a week and bartended in the evening to try and save up to move to the city.  Although this seems like a lot, to me it’s part of my day to schedule things and try to time things out by the hour to put my mind at ease.  I overthink, over stress, and overanalyze more hours of my day a whole week in advance.  While this sounds insane and stressful to most, it makes the following week easier knowing that I already micromanaged the week before.

This blog is all about management, living busy, and how to handle complex schedules.  My life got to a point though where the scheduling was too much and the micromanaging was to overwhelming.  Then what?  What do you do when your stress relief tactics become what stresses you out more?  It’s been a hard few months for me but I’m happy to say that I am feeling relived and more myself than I have been in a while.  I’ll be back in full force ready to try to take down the next few obstacles that come my way.  So I guess the point of this was a vent session for myself and reminder that everyone gets overwhelmed.  Everyone gets down on themselves and feels like things are spinning out of control.  Just try to grasp on to something solid and go from there! Let’s go!


Get Out of Bed

IMG_2599  As I lay in bed after midnight contemplating skipping my first alarm at 630am, I needed a little late night motivation to take tomorrow by storm!
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