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Pack your lunch!

Not only does packing save money but it also saves time! If you don’t have to go buy and pick up your lunch during the day you can get more things done. Also we all know eating can be so expensive and unhealthy!

I’m not a morning person so I pack my lunch the night before. Here is my lunch for tomorrow and the next day and it cost a total of 9 dollars! That’s less than 5 bucks a day for lunch that is delicious!


I’ve got Kroger brand frozen tortilini and two pieces of bread in my first container. Next to that the green is 1/3 a green pepper and a few pieces of broccoli.  The yellow container is a banana and about 1/6 a pineapple. The last little container is some cut and cubed cheese, with a total of about $9.57 (all bought at Kroger) and I’ll eat the same thing the next day except sub an apple except a banana! Hope this gives you some ideas for a lunch!

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